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Report on the 2014 Jones Pumpkin Patch
Date: Saturday October 11th (One Day Only)

Wow! Where to start. The community support for the Wilker family on October 11th at the pumpkin patch was phenomenal. We had over two dozen volunteers that gave freely of their time and the turnout from the public was stronger than ever. Thanks to your support. The total revenue was $4,501.92; $1,243.73 of the $4,501.92 was contributions made above and beyond the price of the pumpkins they purchased. The full $4,501.92 goes straight to the Wilker family. Great job eveyone. To learn more about Maddie Wilker and her family, see her support facebook page at:

As a secondary effort to raise funds for the Compass Public Charter School, A separately funded price match pledge was offered to all Compass families that came to the patch, so even though all the direct revenue from the patch went to the Wilker family, the price match offer of up to $2,000 on all revenue raised from Compass families attending allowed an additional $2,000 to be contributed to the Compass Public Charter School from an outside source. Go Aviators!

Thanks again everyone for all your support in these efforts.

P.S. We would love to share more personal photos of the event. If you have some photos that you would be willing to share on this site, please email them to Thanks.

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